Also called Kindred, Vampires are descendants of Caine (the Biblical Cain), cursed with a thirst for blood, vulnerability to sunlight and immortality. Vampires are forever subject to the Beast, their raging animal urges of hunger, fear and rage.

Vampire families are organized into clans, with a definite individual or handful of individuals heading the clan, generally the oldest in the clan. The vampires in a clans live in one place, if not in the same house or building and feel an intense bond for one another. As most members of a clan are related, reproduction within the clan is discouraged and intermarriage between clans can unify them in power and size. Clans may any size, from two to fifty generations of lineage.

Some vampires clans live in cities, which are run feudally by Princes; life in a city is one of constant political manipulation and paranoia, as the powers of the city vie for power, control and food.

Many clans are ruled by fear, most importantly the fear of exposure to everyday humanity. Since the Inquisition and the Crusades, the majority of vampires have lived under an enforced campaign to hide the existence of the Kindred from humanity. Some vampire clans however have fully integrated in human life and live right under the noses of the clueless. Some beleive there is an inborn hatred of werewolves by vampires, but this is not an instinct.

History Edit

From the Book of Nod.

In the beginning there was only Caine, Caine who murdered his brother out of anger, Caine who was cast out, Caine who was cursed forever with immortality, Caine who was cursed with the lust for blood. It is Caine from whom all vampires come.

For the passing of an age he lived in solitude. In loneliness and suffering. For an eon he remained alone. But the passing of memory drowned his sorrow. And so he returned to the world of mortals. To the world his brother and brother's children had created. He returned and was made welcome. The people saw his power and worshipped him. Making him King of their great city. The First City, a place by the name of Enoch.

Though he became ruler of a mighty nation, he was still alone. For none were as he. His sorrow grew once again. Then he committed another great sin, for he begat children. Of which there were only three. But from them came more children, his grand children. And then Caine said "An end to this crime. There shall be no more." And as Caine's word was the law, his new clan obeyed him.

The city stood for many ages. And became the center of a mighty Empire. But then came the deluge, a great flood that washed over the world. The City was destroyed. And almost all humanity along with it.

Again Caine fell into great sorrow and went into solitude, becoming as a dog amidst the wastes and leaving his children to their own ends. They came to him and begged him return, to help them rebuild Enoch but he would not come with them. He said the Flood had been sent as punishment for his having returned to the world of life and subverting the true law.

So they returned alone to what mortals were left and announced that they were the new rulers. Each created a clan, in order to claim the glory of Caine. Yet they did not have his wisdom or restraint. A great war waged, the elders against their children, and the children slew their parents.

The rebels then built a new city and brought to it 13 tribes. It was a beautiful city and its people worshiped them as gods. They created new progeny of their own, The Fourth Generation of Cainites. But they were afraid, and it was forbidden for those children To create others of their kind. This power their elders kept for themselves. When a child was created, it was hunted and killed, and its sire with it.

This city was as great as Caine's, eventually it grew old. As do all living things, it slowly began to die. They at first did not see the truth, and when they at last looked about them it was too late. Their city was destroyed and their power extinguished, and they were forced to flee, their clans along with them but many were killed in flight, for they had grown weak. With their authority gone, all were free to create their own clans, and soon their were to many new Kindred, who ruled across the face of the Earth.

But this could not last. Over time, there came to be too many of the Kindred, and there was war once again. The elders were already deep in hiding, for they had learned caution. But their children had founded their own cities and clans, and it is they who were killed in the great wave of war. There was war so total, that there are none of that generation to speak of themselves any longer. Waves of mortal flesh were sent across continents, in order to crush and burn the cities of the Kindred. Mortals thought they were fighting their own wars, but it is for them that they spilt their blood.

Once this war was over, all the Kindred hid from one another and from the humans that surrounded them. In hiding most remain today, for the fear and revenge continues still.

It is also important to note another historical figure known as Lilith, the Dark Mother, the woman who is attributed to awakening Caine to his full potential. Lilith is the name of Adam's first wife, who was rejected for being too independent from Adam. Later, Eve was created using one of his own ribs, thus insinuating the dependence between man and woman. The point being, without Lilith's intervention, Caine would not have known the true power of his blood and vampires, as we know them today, would not exist.

Appearance and ActionsEdit

The hearing and eyesight of vampires is very acute and attuned. Their hearts beat extremely slowly, in rhythm with their breathing. Other things, such as fingernails and hair, grow even slower.Vampires can be killed, but it is almost impossible to accomplish, as they are nearly indestructible. The only way to kill a vampire for good is to break apart the body and burn the pieces. Vampires themselves are the most likely to succeed in killing their own species, as they are equal to their target, unless the target has a special ability or "gift". It is assumed from their actions that fire itself can destroy them or be a danger because vampires naturally fear fire, bright lights and the sun. These fears can be conquered through enough training.


Vampyres, not a lot is known about these magical crossbreeds; all that is known is that they can control fire and can crossbreed with humans. They are not vulnerable to light because of their elemental fire abilities, and have diamond hard skin. Vampyres don't have to necessarily drink blood (it makes them feel sick), but can take the energy they need from the beings around them. Their Vivitar gland takes that energy and multiplies it. They must be careful so that they do not draw all the energy from being and kill it, although the cannot kill other vampyres or elves this way.

Vampyres can only create more vampyres through reproduction, not biting. Its all genes. Having a vampyre father makes you a half half vampyre, unless you have a vampyre mother. Having a vampyre mother makes you a full vampyre. Vampyres have one of the most protected types of minds.

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